20 01 2008

as you can tell, the acid test dj’s can explore territory deep and wide, and mix it together to keep the booty shakin’. speaking of booty shakin’, it brings us to another limited era, but big impact trend happening in late 60’s and early 70’s. Boogaloo!Primarily a NYC Spanish Harlem phenomenom, it combined 60’s dance music, and english vocals with latin music, and helped a lot of salsa stars finally break through into the charts.although we have many favorites here, this is a pretty good example.Tito Ramos, who was part of the famous TnT Band with Tony Rojas, slap some trendy dances together ala the Tighten Up and a James Brown-style Give the Drummer Some, and voila, instant hit. The Meditation on Cotique, a legendary label.. 

TNT BAND – The Meditation 

Fast forward a few years to 1972, Tito Ramos, still an incredible vocalist, after 3 albums with the TNT Band, he records Where My Head is At? and it reflects the changing times. Much more a topical gangster boogie tune, Big T, is tough latin soul. 

Tito Ramos- Big T 



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