Tranquility Bass

20 01 2008

An old Cali-Rave, or actually post Cali-Rave, ambient/chill out room era classic!  with a little bit more pep and funk than the original, this should bring heads back! just sit back in your bean bag, bob your head and pop off on a smart drink too 😉
Mike Kandel was legendary in the mid 90’s, he became a recluse after this successful single, and took a few years off. what he came back with, sounded like he took a few years “on”, as in turned on, rather off. he was definitely a central figure in the whole electronic hippie movement that happened in the mid 90’s. acid jazz, downtempo, trip hop, and hippie hop, transitioned in the later part of the 90’s partly into turntablism, partly into elevator music…this still evokes an era of full moon parties, the gardening club, and chill-out rooms all over. we should bring back the chill-out room.

Tranquility Bass (N.O.W Remix) 



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