Ian Saint Laurent Edits

29 02 2008

got a couple of great edits from my old pal Ian St Laurent.

we dj’ed together alot in the 90’s, in W Mass, and SF. he hooked me up with a job in a piercing/tattoo shop. i hooked him up with cool chris from the groove merchant, and chris put out ian’s first record Disco Headache, a seminal downtempo, breakbeat classic, that still gets people spotting trains around the turntables. he made it under the moniker Dub Diablo with Scott from Hands and Knees

A talented producer, dj, and remixer, Ian does not disappoint here….

justice – dvno (ISL Breakup)

sly stone – dance to the music (ISL Shapeup)

you got too – huey smith and the clowns (ISL Shapeup)

also check out his new sh*t at ROCK AND MAJORS

this is done with good friend Opal Rock who can do anything you can do, better…

Crunch 0 Matic

29 02 2008


Well Crunch O Matic … What can i say, i like it. Kind of like Steinski crossed with Meat Beat Manifesto.


will get you the tougher flip side, when i am finished with it…ha ha ha ha!

Marvin Gaye Plays it Cool

24 02 2008

An Acid Test classic, we both love this tune, and have both flogged it for a long time, not a regular play, but an every now and then to warm up the night.

Marvin moves to LA to do this sound track in 71-72, to satisy his itch to be in Hollywood. he turned down the part of Sam Cooke in a biopic.

Marvin plays drums, keyboards in additon to singing on this record. i first heard this on an ultimate breaks and beats, and had to have it. it has a timeless sound to it, sax makes it even sound like the mid eighties.

Marvin’s moog playing is so heavy on this. i also heard this was an early drum looping instance in a pop song, but that can neither be confirmed nor denied at this time.

T Plays it Cool – Marvin Gaye

Far Out Folkways

24 02 2008


Gianni Safred put this out on a library record, and was picked up here for one in a number of electronic edged albums on Folkways, of all labels. Cool Chris hipped me to these a decade ago, but as you probably know, they are tough field finds to come by. Probably some of the more collectible Folkways out there. if you are not hip to Folkways, it is a record label run by the Smithsonian, and has archived many cultural recordings in their releases. everything from Gangland Rhythms, to John Cage, to Voodoo Rituals of Haiti. here is a slice of shredding synth goodness with hot jazz moves.

reissue cd or CASSETTE available here from Smithsonian

Gianni Safred – Jazz Computer

The Illusion – Did You See Her Eyes

22 02 2008

A Long Island based band, late garage mod rockers, with proto glam looks, these guys were into coiffing their hair, and pounding on drums. they had a top forty hit with this 7″ and went on to tour with Mitch Ryder. The album adds another 5 mins to the track, but we get the drift with this single edit.


The Illusion – Did You See Her Eyes 

who likes to boogie? Tom Browne does…

17 02 2008


this is a slice of p-funked horn boogie, with a killer disco-calypso vocal refrain hook ala MJ’s “Mama say, mama sa, ma-makossa”

Queens bred, he had his first gig with legendary Weldon Ervine, and later played with Lonnie Liston Smith. he hooked with the Dave Grusin team for this sleeper cheapo. Rest of album, not so inspired, this one is a fun party jam, much in the vein of his first and biggest hit, Funkin’ for Jamaica. Recorded two albums prior, but only a year apart in release dates, this set the stage for Tom Browne, a talented leader and trend spotter, for a swath of schmaltzy jazz funk in the early 80’s albums. they jumped on the moog/arp/obx train and unleashed the bass synth for this track…

Tom Browne – Fungi Mama/Bebopafunkadiscocalypso 

Keef Hartley – The Lancashire Hustler

17 02 2008


Hot action from Keef. have always loved this British drummer and  his love of beautiful melodies, roaring guitars, and always, always fresh drum sounds.

will write more if i get the chance…. picked up off Colin a few weeks ago. I’ll get you some bread for those;)

this is deserved of edit though..

Keef Hartley – Action


17 02 2008

Buon Giorno!

Fuzz guitars and cheesy sax! Feel the heat! Fausto, the sax symbol, is no longer with us, but his legacy remains. he’s got one song that appeared on an Ultimate Breaks and Beats, a Barry White cover, and an amazing assortment of Italian nude album covers.

Fausto Papetti – Gesma

New DJ Spiritbear Live Mix

15 02 2008


cut in the last few weeks, this trip to wonderland goes from hard disco bangers and soul, to marching band madness and hot heavies, wrapping up with some fave mellow groovers to end the night.


DJ Spiritbear – Acid Test Live 

D.R. Hooker

11 02 2008


one of the mighty holy grails of private press, this brilliant monster from New Haven CT is a highly regarded album. goes for big money, probably around $800 to 1000. (sure doesn’t look like he’s from Conneticut!)

Solid all the way, his voice, the songwriting, the feedback, studio work, phaser ripping, and the drum bumping. Baby!

D.R. Hooker – I’m Leaving You

pickup licensed reissue here!