Kim Fowley – You Crazy Dude

1 02 2008

Well what hasn’t resident Sunset strip wild man Kim Fowley done or seen. Yes he is lecherous, yes he is unnervingly straight and insane at the same time, but… he also is an interesting feller, with tons of top 40 hits under his belt from 1960 to now.

a producer, writer, performer with insatiable desire and energy, he engineered the formation of the runaways, wrote their hits, coached them, and sleazed them. this group launched the careers of Cherie Currie, Lita Ford, and Joan Jett!

another Fowley fav is Napoleons “There Coming to Take Me Away” to the funny farm, etc.

you can catch him in Rodney Bingenheimers flick Mayor of the Sunset Strip to get an idea of how everywhere he was…

produced some early Cat Stevens cuts, Jonathan Richman, Warren Zevon, the Byrds, the list goes on forever.

he also introduced Shadow and Cut Chemist’s new show, last summer at the Hollywood Bowl!

here we present arguably the first mention of LSD in a popular song recorded in 65, Kim Fowley’s The Trip!



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