Turtle Breaks

5 02 2008

Hello all, sorry about lack of posts recently, you can still expect a few new a week.

This Turtles break helped define an early 90’s sound, being sampled by the Beasties on Jimmy James for Check your Head.

The Turts also have a unique spot in sampling and copyright history, as they were part of a high profile sampling case for De La Soul and Prince Paul’s 3 Ft High record, which literally could not be made today, as it would be too expensive. the Turts won, and got royalties for the sampled hook, thus setting a precedent for all sample cases that followed.

My friend Kembrew McLeod is doing a moving about this case and other interesting ones. He has also written a great book, called Freedom of Expression, and followed up with a companion movie.

“Freedom of Expression® covers the ways in which intellectual property laws have been used to privatize all forms of expression—from guitar riffs and Donald Trump’s “you’re fired” gesture to human genes and public space—and in the process stifle creative expression. Kembrew McLeod challenges the blind embrace of privatization as it clashes against our right to free speech and shared resources.”

Peep more here: http://www.freedomofexpression.us

and for snippets from the sampling movie here http://www.archive.org/details/criminal02mov 




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