7 02 2008

NORTHERN SOUL…i will drop some goodies on you periodically involving this genre.

for those who sort of vaguely know about Northern Soul. here is a short debriefing:

a movement in the UK coming out of the mod scene in the 60’s and following little to well-known uptempo Detroit, Motown etc. soul, all the way through funk and disco. this scene revolved around dj’s playing 45’s and participants, who dance all night, popping amyl’s, and coveting fast, piano laden, dirty soul chuggers. Ebay prices are through the roof for anything played at Wigan Casino’s famous last night, or for things that only a copy or two might exis, like Frank Wilson’s Do I Love You (Indeed I Do), which famously fetched 15,000 pounds! ouch! great record though…

the dances are unique, and the fashions crazy, like the below picture, high waisted flooded out pants, and extremely high energy dancing. now the scene is a bit more reserved, more like soul-fueled nostalgia trips, although the music is no less compelling.

Two burners:

Bert’s Apple Crumble- Quik

Lonely For You Baby- Sam Dees



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28 06 2008
MORE NORTHERN SOUL….FOR SUNLOVERS « Acid Test DJ’s - SpiritBear and Udagawa

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