9 02 2008

Some amazing work from 2 members of CAN, the throbbing kraut-rock superstars, and Jah Wobble from PIL.

Holger studied classical music under Karlheinz Stockhausen, who recently died, and switched to the rock and/or the roll when he heard “I am the Walrus” by the Beatles, and founded CAN and played bass with them until 77.

Wobble, old mate of Johnny Lydon’s, joined him post Sex Pistols, to form Public Image Ltd. Wobble’s massive dub style bass work, and Keith Levene’s metallic screeching guitar, mixed with the Kraut rock drum chug they loved formed the basis for their sound.

Jaki Liebezeit was the prototypical Kraut drummer. renown for his impeccable timing, probably best known for his relentless repetition, he wanted to put people in a trance with his pounding.

these tracks are from the 82 album Full Circle.

Where is the Money

You’ll Never Make the Grade

BTW check this killer video of CAN performing Spoon, magical Damo Suzuki era bumper



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