Chubby Checker’s Psychedelic Soul

11 02 2008

Chubby Checker’s 1971 Europe recorded psychedelic masterpiece, Chequered or New Revelations, has a few different dodgy issues of it and is an incredible album. His love of Jimi Hendrix is quite apparent, and he seems to be longing for his lost friend, the tracks “Stoned in the Bathroom” and “My Mind Comes From a High Place” clues us in to where his head was at when recording.

peep that here

What we have got here though, is “Gypsy” from a 1973 20th Century/Pye B side to “Reggae My Way”, which really cooks. Furious drums, Jimi-esque hootin and hollerin, train themes, this IS psychedelic blues and soul. Really far out, i dare someone to play it for the dancefloor. Girls will run screaming from this one, psych fiends will run towards this crazy burning train.

From the opening ‘Caw, ca, ca, caw, ca, caw’s’ to the out of control drumming, and fuzz solo, you will like Chubby Checker twisted this way.

Chubby Checker – Gypsy



2 responses

20 12 2009
efrain nava

where can i find this disc?
i want to buy a disc with the song “reggae my way”

17 04 2011
Scottish Friction » Chequered!

[…] For more info on this Hendrix-inspired stonker, see here. […]

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