Dirty Jersey Acid

31 03 2008


this is definitely on some Chicago/Detroit jackin acid vibe, but this is none other than Jersey’s own, Tony Humphries, legend and father of the NJ house sound (for better or for worse) who played at the legendary Zanzibar club.

lo-fi 80’s acid track with african vibrations, doesn’t get much better than that.

(sorry rip quality is not up to typical standards, my copy is whipped, but still wanted to share)

Cultural Vibe – Ma Foom Bay


Funky Jeep Music

30 03 2008

comin straight out of locash. they did a pretty good spoof on the whole hiphop/jeep phenomenon, complete with denim suits and timberlands. couldnt find that pic, but here is one of gusto from cb4.

from kenny dope’ unreleased project, which came out on 2 labels, (unreleased?), this features 90’s underground star Supernatural, who blew up with this on Freeze, and “Buddah Blessed It” on East/West.

Supernatural also holds the world record of freestyling for 9 hours straight… I think I’d rather listen to funky jeep music, though.

Let the 90’s bump, and make them jeeps jump! Buck, Buck!

From ’92:

kenny dope – funky jeep music

Friday Night – Part Time Lover at Happy Ending

27 03 2008


I’ll be at Happy Ending Friday night, playing hits for the bridge, and one for the tunnel. come if you dare!

Happy Ending

Thin Lizzy Rules!

23 03 2008


Thin Lizzy is probably one of our fave groups at Acid Test, from Boys are Back in Town, which usually prompts shots and backslapping, to Jailbreak drops on the dancefloor, these are for the good times, when everyone is feeling just right. Cowboy Song is for sentimental moments, and the Rocker is for blowing minds.

(I even love Solo in Soho by Phil Lynott)

Without further ado, THE toughest Lizzy song evah!

Thin Lizzy – The Rocker


23 03 2008


Sorry for the lack of posts this week. Busy at work combined with a trip to Texas has set me back. But…just came across a free and brilliant blues collection. Excited to get them back to listen and will set you off with the meanest of the bunch.

in the meantime, check out this French hard-blues-rock joint…

Zoo- If You Lose Your Woman


16 03 2008


Johnny Wakelin, a British recording artist with a fetish for reggae and African music, recorded this modest hit in ’76. it was two years after his first album, a rocksteady pop homage to Muhammad Ali, Black Superman. i also like that single too….

Johnny Wakelin – In Zaire

Ju-Par Universal Orchestra

16 03 2008


From 1974, this studio group out of the rough side of Detroit, included such luminaries as Phil Upchurch on the guitar. This early disco slice had a decent dose of the Funk and some great production. The above album cover is one of two or three that the album had. Supposedly the label was run by some Detroit disco gangsters… get on down!

The flipside of this single, Time, was sampled either by towa tei, or bjork i forget…

Ju-Par Universal Orchestra – Funky Music