APB – Sorry, repost with the right song linked!

9 03 2008

Calling all punk funk heads. Almost every dj has had a slice like this in their bags at some point, in the last 6 years, A Certain Ratio, Liquid Liquid, Gang of Four, Konk, James Chance and the Contortions, etc.

Inspiring a whole shock of impostors as well as smokin’ new acts, this century has been hot for punk funk so far. look no further than the Rapture, !!!, LCD Soundsytem. It’s been fun to be in NYC for that period. Yeah, Williamsburg is now a dirty word, but its still NY Eff’in City.

Anyway more about APB. Original punk funk hailing from Aberdeen, Scotland, these guys had a single, “Shoot You Down”, slip out of Scotland on Oily Records in ’81, and made their way to the Mudd Club, Ritz, and Danceteria in NYC. It got love in the discos, and brought them over for several trips, and they followed up with a few hits. They even opened up for James Brown in Brooklyn!!

One of those being this, their sixth single which they recorded at Unique, and got an American release on Sleeping Bag, this is from the promo 7″ that has an English and American version, the latter of which is represented here.

APB – What Kind of Girl (Are You)

Go buy their new one here

and say hi to them here



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