Spring has Sprung and We Love to Love!

12 04 2008


Can you feel it? Well nothing can save ya, cause this is the season for catching the vapors!


I love Willie Hutch, and i am not afraid to say it.

Since i first clasped one of his albums in my hands 15 years ago, and then heard that sweet, sweet voice, and some nice guitar work, i thought he was the second coming since Curtis Mayfield.
He may very well have been. alas he left us a few years ago.

He has some great albums in addition to soundtracks to some of the most famous blaxploitation films under his belt, Foxy Brown and The Mack.

This is an earlier one than his more famous wah-wah period, and is a certified Northern Soul happy classic.

Thanks all for your support of our blog and djing, we feel lucky to be loved by you, and we hope you feel lucky too!!!

Willie Hutch – Lucky to Be Loved By You



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