Secret CCR Vocoder Weapon! Suzie-Q Disco cover!

30 04 2008

This bad boy, deep from the stacks, is my secret Vocoder CCR weapon, Creedence Clearwater Revival for the uninitiated. Suzie Q, one of my favorite, and probably most people’s favorite Creedence tune, covered here by Easy Going.

Amazingly enough, this is a later record by Claudio Simonetti who was in GOBLIN, current Balearic favorite, and Dario Argento fave, who really deserve their own post. Not to fear. Goblin will get here.

Italo B-Side to Baby. I Love You, this got 12″ mixed by latin heavyweight Harvey Averne, who incidentally was not Latino at all.

This caught on in NYC clubs, and got re-released by Prism in the US 1979 with this mix.


p.s. One of my fave Latin-Rock records is this Harvey Averne Barrio Band. Got mines from Groove Merchant a decade ago! Thanks Chris! Girl From the Mountain fits with my soft latin pop soul needs.



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