Hmm Friday Night….Bingo or Acid Test? Duh, Acid Test!

29 05 2008

EDIT: Thanks all! that was an amazing way to spend an amazingly beautiful night! Much love, and many props to Dr Delay for his amazing raer funk 45 throwdown! Happy BDay to Rose too!


BOOBIE KNIGHT and the Soulciety

29 05 2008

Here is a heavy funk jam, Ego Trippin’, by the wonderfully named, Boobie Knight. This cut is from the 1972 RCA release, Soul Ain’t a New Thing, under the supervision of Harvey Fuqua. He had an even freakier album with Boobie Knight and the Universal Lady in 74.

Boobie Knight & The Soulciety – Ego Tripping

Mondo Disco – El Coco

28 05 2008

Cosmic, mellow groover by studio band El Coco, better known for their hits Cocomotion and Let’s Get it Together. This LP is readily available and good, and such a nice easy track for the summer.

This was the infamous Rinder and Lewis, who have been getting their due recently, and also recorded under other major disco incarnations such as Tuxedo Junction, Saint Tropez, le Pamplemousse, Rinder Lewis, and the Rinlew Allstars. This one is from 1975.

sorry we haven’t been posting much, summer time has gotten the better of us. Catch us Friday at Macri Park!

Mondo Disco – El Coco


15 05 2008

Spiritbear is on vision quest sabbatical in Arizona!

Join Udagawa for a wonderful evening of beards, ladies, and dancefloor movers.

Pittsburgh Represent! The Caprells – Close Your Eyes

15 05 2008

An ACID TEST shout-out dedicated to Ashley and Lindsay, and the city of Pittsburgh. We ain’t from there, but we like the folk from there.

Pittsburgh’s very own Jackson 5-esque family band The Caprells. Known for a fluid and psychedelic soul version of Bacharach’s Walk On By, this group of young brothers and sisters from the Hazelwood neighborhood, released a string of four singles on their own Bano label, with this debut funk version of Bernice Petkere’s “Close Your Eyes” being their biggest local hit. Their third single, comprised of two songs by member Glen Dixon, featured horn arrangements by Nathan Davis, who is a jazz funk legend of enormous proportions (to be featured in a later second installment of Pittsburgh Represent!)

The Caprells – Close Your Eyes

Go check out and support writer and arranger Glen Dixon Sr.’s memorial foundation here

Nobuo Yagi – Mi Mi Afria

11 05 2008

This is wild Japanese harmonica disco, like you’ve never heard before. Nobuo started playing when he was 14 in Japan, and at age 26, recorded his first album titled for this song. this is the height of Japanese disco fusion, and there are some amazing cuts from this period and beyond.

The typical cuts from the period fuse progressive rock, jazz, disco, and new age, for a powerful but often tepid sound. Collecting Japanese jazz can break your heart, as cheese factor can be ridiculously high.
Fortunately, Nobuo doesnt let us down here, as a strange long intro moves into heavy ripping funk bass, amazing strings stabs, and Synare disco bells. Layer adeptly played jazz harmonica on that, and yum, cheese never tasted so good!

Nobuo Yagi – Mi Mi Afria

Go-Go Instrumental

6 05 2008

Now you can get your Go-Go on without Smokey getting in the way! Just joking. This Smokey Robinson and the Miracles classic from 1965, gets stripped down, and only the background chorus appears in this Motown mover.

Smokey Robinson and the Miracles – Going to a Go-Go Instrumental