Pittsburgh Represent! The Caprells – Close Your Eyes

15 05 2008

An ACID TEST shout-out dedicated to Ashley and Lindsay, and the city of Pittsburgh. We ain’t from there, but we like the folk from there.

Pittsburgh’s very own Jackson 5-esque family band The Caprells. Known for a fluid and psychedelic soul version of Bacharach’s Walk On By, this group of young brothers and sisters from the Hazelwood neighborhood, released a string of four singles on their own Bano label, with this debut funk version of Bernice Petkere’s “Close Your Eyes” being their biggest local hit. Their third single, comprised of two songs by member Glen Dixon, featured horn arrangements by Nathan Davis, who is a jazz funk legend of enormous proportions (to be featured in a later second installment of Pittsburgh Represent!)

The Caprells – Close Your Eyes

Go check out and support writer and arranger Glen Dixon Sr.’s memorial foundation here



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16 05 2008

And Ashley and Lindsay Love Acid Test DJs!!!
As you know, a little more than 2 years ago I took a sabatical from New York to Pittsburgh . I was pleasantly surprised to find some of the the best Soul and Funk parties in the East Coast… not to mention some of the biggest vinyl collectors and enthusiasts that I know. Much of this has to do with Jerry’s Records in Squirrel Hill. If you’ve never heard of Jerry’s you must check out his website and auctions. http://www.jerrysrecords.com/
Jerry has unfortunately downsized his warehouse a bit but it is still an unbelieable resource for vinyl collectors everywhere. It’s definitely worth the trip to Pittsburgh to check out Jerry’s Records in person simply because of the sheer size of his warehouse and the unbelievable amount of records he has amassed over the years. I have to admit it can be a bit overwhelming but if you know what you are looking for Jerry usually has it somewhere in his stacks.
Anyway… Thanks for the great track guys! Steel City Soul!

25 05 2008

That’s some crazy sh*t. Wonder what that would sound like at -8

27 05 2008

yeah, i wonder too, probably a strange scorcher, with slightly less scorching. only one way to find out!

9 07 2008
Rena Dixon

I just want to thank you so much for for sending people to the website in memory of Glen. I was so touched and greatful. I don’t know who you are but I would love to talk with if possible.

Glen’s wife

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