Yacht Rock by Batteaux

4 06 2008

Batteaux recorded this for Columbia in 1973, consisting of two brothers Robin and David Batteau. For me growing up near Boston, i used to see one of the brothers, Robin, play with Tom Rush. Both significant folk legends. They had one hit off the album with Tell Her She’s Lovely, but re-recorded by El Chicano.

Robin went on to become a successful jingle writer, like Heartbeat of America, and This is Beer, etc. and i have met David’s daughter Yolande many times through Tim Love Lee! David and Robin still continue to play and write, but alas, not together.

I love this entire record! Find it, own it, love it. I found it in a thrift store probably 12 years ago, and loved it instantly. It fuses some incredible production with great songwriting, and the brothers bring moods and shades of free soul and folk-funk attitude to this very breezy record.

Ghostface Killah also used this on his Underwater track from 2006.

Perfect for an afternoon drink on the sailboat of your choice, reaching for the Cape, or as the cover would suggest, swimming nude with dolphins!

This was probably inspired by their dad, who was a Harvard prof studying the relationship between man and dolphin for the Navy in Hawaii.

Batteaux – High Tide



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