the Mighty Renegade Soundwave

5 06 2008

formed in 1986, RSW were true innovators of the new sound that would rule the nineties. mixing industrial, electronic, and most importantly dub to produce what would be the blueprint for breaks and drum and bass. the chemical brothers named RSW as one of their biggest influences. back in the early nineties, we threw parties in buffalo under the name Knowmatic Tribe Soundsystem and these tunes got dropped relentlessly. “the phantom”,released in 1989 as a b-side, is brilliant for those hyped up outdoor events. good for when the sun is going down and the party is ready to be kicked up. “ozone breakdown” has a great sample from the classic movie “the Warriors”. Probably the best part of the movie is the female dj sending out the shout outs to the gangs of new york. i still get nostalgic whenever i hear these tunes and remember many a good time to these tunes. “good news boppers the big alert has been called off….” enjoy!

Renegade Soundwave – Ozone Breakdown

Renegade Soundwave – The Phantom



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