Fehlfarben, of course!

7 07 2008

Fehlfarben, out of the musically productive Dusseldorf, formed in ’79 out the ashes of Mittagspause. Named after a term describing erroneous color showing up in printing, they released a debut album only to have the lead singer, who worked at Xerox, leave the band.

This is the flip-side to their “hit”, Ein Jahr, which is also quite good, and groovier, although they only got their disco on in jest.

They sound like Gang of Four mixed with well, Dusseldorf, or some other Rother-type guitar workout group of that era. Has become a very important German-language rock record.

catch what they have been up to here, Fehlfarben.com

Fehlfarben – Feuer An Bord



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