Chocolate Milk – Action Speaks Louder than Words

23 09 2008

*******LINK FIXED********

Chocolate Milk was formed in 1974 in Memphis, Tennessee by saxophonist Amadee Castenell, Jr.

Their first of eight albums released on RCA was Action Speaks Louder Than Words. The title cut, “Action Speaks Louder Than Words” (1975), has a break beat that was used for “Move The Crowd” by Eric B. & Rakim, and “Don’t Let Your Mouth Write A Check Your Ass Can’t Cash” by Stetsasonic.

Chocolate Milk broke up in 1983 but had a string other disco hits prior to that.

This is sweet and heavy funk, with bumping synth lines, and Cymande-esque vocals.

Shout out to the Action Crew family everywhere!

Chocolate Milk – Action Speaks Louder than Words



4 responses

24 09 2008
the other scott anderson

yo! the chocolate milk link is busted

24 09 2008

link fixed!!!

12 12 2008
Lactose Intolerant

I thought Chocolate Milk was a dubstep DJ that died in a fire trying to save some orphans a couple years ago

29 12 2008

xtrezkgpkwehikobwell, hi admin adn people nice forum indeed. how’s life? hope it’s introduce branch 😉

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