Pousette-Dart Band – All the Lonely Hours (Kountry3astern Edit)

28 11 2008


apologies we have been quite remiss in our postings! some emails came in though that re-inspired to start posting again.  Have been working on a Spiritbear family record with most of my free time recently, and those songs will start to appear here.

This track was sent to us by the LoudmanQuietman blog, and a nice edit of a loose and groovy jam. Somewhere in between balearic and soft rock, this Kountry3astern edit extends it out to a mellow 6:30. Thanks Scott!

Enjoy! and check out his blog here!


Pousette-Dart Band – All the Lonely Hours (Kountry3astern Edit)

Friday Night at The Gutter!

14 11 2008


If you haven’t been down to our Rock and Bowl Sessions, it has been a lot of fun lately!

come one, come all, rockers, bowlers, and ballers!

Udagawa and Spiritbear throwing down heat and pure fire! regular guests include Tim Love Lee, the Coach, and Lucas Walters from Sweatshop Labor.

Miriam Makeba

10 11 2008


Wow, we have been losing a lot of musical legends recently, but this one spoke to me. I really have loved Miriam Makeba ever since i heard the Little Flea song when i was a kid. Miriam Makeba, also known as Mother Africa, has been a singing star and activist since 1960. born in South Africa, she became a big star when she hooked up with Harry Belafonte who helped her break into the US marketplace. later she married Stokely Carmichael, and moved to Guinea, eventually becoming the Guinean delegate to the UN.

a life dedicated to music and activism, she died minutes after a benefit performance in Italy yesterday.

among a lifetime of great music, this is one of my favorites…

Miriam Makeba – Lumumba

Buy the above print here

check her out with sivuca on guitar here, performing kilimanjaro. what a cool lady, an inspiration. she will be missed.

had to post this for udagawa… buffalo and rick james related

9 11 2008

this is a People Under the Stairs (PUTS) promo video. check FUN DMC single if you havent already