ohh nooo, John Martyn R.I.P.

29 01 2009


my favorite UK folker has died    article here…….

big influence on me, with his awesome open tunings, and later in his career, rampant use of echoplex.

i love even his stuff with his ex-wife Beverley. if you don’t know him, get acquainted.

this is definitely the song he is probably best known for, good for last calls at pubs full of the local lushes…or a cup of tea by a crackling fire with a hot toddy next to your lady..

John Martyn – May You Never


and another one, Go Easy from the awesome and beautiful Bless the Weather album.

Life, go easy on me,

love, don’t pass me by. 

John Martyn – Go Easy

This could go on forever, because i love so many songs..as i get deeper into a bottle of wine and the warm hisses of his records play through, the deeper cuts, cut even deeper…


John Martyn – Stormbringer

We saw him recently. He was playing a gig in NYC, but was really here to pick up a new prosthetic leg. still had an amazing sense of humor, and still had wonderful songs to give. he was playing with his old drinking buddy and stand up bassist Danny Thompson.

Good bye John!


ADDED check out this killer later track from Robots In Heat



2 responses

6 05 2009

what up!!?

8 07 2010

this news really made me sad…such a legend

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