24 02 2009


Acid Test Special Boogie Edition
Dj Franc-o from Voodoofunk!!!!
And your hosts
Spiritbear and Udagawa
Spinning African and US Boogie, plus exclusive new edits and Acid Test originals

Frank has a new fresh stash of African Boogie records from Lagos and beyond. If you haven’t been to hear Frank’s voodoo funk, this is a rare opportunity to hear amazing groovy music you have definitely not heard before. although he has a monthly now at Union Pool starting March 14th, yes! check it here

Thurs Feb 26 10-4AM

Trophy Bar (map here)

315 Broadway

Brooklyn, NY

the Theme- Gringo Scarr! knowmatic001

19 02 2009

this is my favorite Udagawa track, although Dirty Butthole is a close second 😉

A classic!!!!!

From Udagawa:

in 2001, brennan green stopped through buffalo on his way to toronto. while staying with me we recorded the beginnings of this tune that i eventually put out as a double a-side with max pask on my own imprint, knowmatic records. on the tune we did the keyboard riff using a cheesy casio cz 101. sequencing with an akai mpc, and recording live percussion using a pretty ghetto bongo and a dat recorder. moog stabs everywhere and then slapped a few vocal samples(sylvester,nina simone) here and there. for limited technology i thinks it still sounds pretty interesting. the guys who mastered this were the same people who mastered 2 live crew’s records hence the heavy 808 bass. oh yeah, i believe there is a sly and robbie sample in there as well.