Hello Philly!!!!

27 03 2009


playing down philadelphia way on Saturday night Mar 28th at the 700 Club, with old friend Ian Saint Laurent !!

definitely check out his excellent WISL series, as well as Facerockers with O.G. Opal Rock, and Cramske.

get over here for some extreme good times, we havent djed together in years, and this will be a balls-out, shirts off party. dont expect anything but a crowded dancefloor, and good vibrations all night long! i can smell it already.

also note: there will NOT be too many dicks on the dancefloor.

700 Club

700 N. 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123

limited bonus cut: new Spiritbear demo SPILL SOME BLOOD!!!! Hope you liked it, if you got it!

EDDIE BO R.I.P. :(((

22 03 2009


legendary producer, singer, junker-style piano player from New Orleans 9th Ward. also responsible for tough drum breaks all over the place, from Hook and Sling, If its Good to You, Its Good For You, Check Your Bucket, to playing and writing for/with Chuck Carbo (Can i Be Your Squeeze!!) Curly Moore, the Explosions (The Hip Drop), Mary Jane Hooper.

An ambassador of great music, New Orleans will surely miss you.

Check out this old Funky 16 Corners Eddie Bo tribute page here

and a killer discography layout here


Eddie Bo and Inez Cheatham – Lover and a Friend

sebastien tellier’s new stuff

6 03 2009

Between this video

and this new one from his new band Principles of Geometry

and the album cover, Sebastien Tellier is on fire!!!!



5 03 2009


Cat has always been a part of my life. from studying his albums as a child, from the artwork, to the music, to singing his songs in church, Cat has always been around. Quintessential weekend morning/afternoon music. reminds me of housework or long car rides with the family, both made okay by having Cat there.

i even used to play his songs when i was a street musician (= a long, long time ago) 

i read recently, that this song was Sean Penn’s inspiration music for Into the Wild, before Vedder got involved. regardless of me loving Sean Penn, i really dig this song as it is a perfect closer for side 1 of the album.

anyway, its from one of my fave albums ( and probably all CS fans), Tea for the Tillerman, his second album released in 1970! prolific! buy here if you like…


Shuttle Cock Rock, a Spiritbear original!

2 03 2009


New Spiritbear track!!! Throwback Electro Cock Rock!

Shuttle Cock Rock – Spiritbear