5 03 2009


Cat has always been a part of my life. from studying his albums as a child, from the artwork, to the music, to singing his songs in church, Cat has always been around. Quintessential weekend morning/afternoon music. reminds me of housework or long car rides with the family, both made okay by having Cat there.

i even used to play his songs when i was a street musician (= a long, long time ago) 

i read recently, that this song was Sean Penn’s inspiration music for Into the Wild, before Vedder got involved. regardless of me loving Sean Penn, i really dig this song as it is a perfect closer for side 1 of the album.

anyway, its from one of my fave albums ( and probably all CS fans), Tea for the Tillerman, his second album released in 1970! prolific! buy here if you like…




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