Sitar Psych and David Axelrod

29 04 2009


some mellow faves here, sit back relax, light the incense, assume the position (lotus), close eyes, set speed to outer space travel, and float away.

here is a little known heady sitar jam.


and an mind-blowing axelrod joint that is reminiscent of a pink floyd tune. featuring howard roberts on guitar. this was partly from some 60’s concept album sessions, and then revived in ’99 and released in 2001. it is named in tribute to dj shadow, after shadow’s sampling of him put him back on the map. blast off.


Tonight – April 10th at The Gutter!!!!

10 04 2009


Come surf on over to catch Spiritbear for a return engagement at the Gutter!!! the retro bowling we all love.

you can catch some of the alley in this flight of the conchords video

those guys would come through after they were shooting a couple times last year, on those hot summer fridays with the acid test!

Friday 10-4AM

The Gutter

Easy Disco…real easy – Japanese Jazz and Roy Ayers

3 04 2009


This warm weather brings some breezy feelings to mind, hoping it stays nice from here on out. its been a long winter, literally and figuratively.

Some Japanese Brazilian jazz, and some Roy Ayers for you this weekend. Real Easy.

Pacific Jam – Antes de Mais Nada [Original Version]

Roy Ayers – Brother Green ( The Disco King )