the funkiest Jimi Hendrix

23 05 2009


since the most visited post on this site is the jimi hendrix and mighty mi post, i figured i would put another hendrix song on here. i guess people are still incredibly fascinated by the legacy of this young man. i wonder if he would still be as relevant today, if he had not burned so bright when he was here with us. for me, i like the early psychedelic-blues albums rather than the disjointed, (to me), fusion-blues jams that came later with the gypsies.

but here is an exception. the story goes that in 1969 the Last Poets were recording nearby when Hendrix and Buddy Miles were recording and an improptu jam ensued with Lightnin’ Rod taking a turn on the mic for the poem, doriella du fontaine. this is the shorter instrumental version here, but i think we can safely say that this is hendrix at his funkiest, and definitely proto-hip hop, albeit unreleased until 1993,  after hip hop was born.

Jimi Hendrix, Lightnin’ Rod, Buddy Miles – Doriella du Fontaine (Instrumental version)

Dakotas – Spider and the Fly (Soundhog Edit)

2 05 2009


this has been a fave when we do our old timey rock and psych Acid Test parties. 60’s rock banger!

Dakotas – Spider and the Fly (Soundhog Edit)

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