the funkiest Jimi Hendrix

23 05 2009


since the most visited post on this site is the jimi hendrix and mighty mi post, i figured i would put another hendrix song on here. i guess people are still incredibly fascinated by the legacy of this young man. i wonder if he would still be as relevant today, if he had not burned so bright when he was here with us. for me, i like the early psychedelic-blues albums rather than the disjointed, (to me), fusion-blues jams that came later with the gypsies.

but here is an exception. the story goes that in 1969 the Last Poets were recording nearby when Hendrix and Buddy Miles were recording and an improptu jam ensued with Lightnin’ Rod taking a turn on the mic for the poem, doriella du fontaine. this is the shorter instrumental version here, but i think we can safely say that this is hendrix at his funkiest, and definitely proto-hip hop, albeit unreleased until 1993,  after hip hop was born.

Jimi Hendrix, Lightnin’ Rod, Buddy Miles – Doriella du Fontaine (Instrumental version)



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24 05 2009
the other scott anderson

i cannot believe you posted this today. i was just thinking about this track last night, and you post it today. i found this the year it came out, my senior year of high school, and the peak of my blunts or guitars, hendrix or dre confusion. she’ll be your true blue bitch and she’ll make you rich, miss doriella dufontaine!

fucking love it

24 05 2009

sweet! glad you know it. should i post the vocal too? how are the gigs going?

6 09 2009

Back in the day I met a guy called Alan Douglas who has produced Hendrix at one time and he gave me a cassette of this tune with Hendrix tellin the story of Ms. Doriella. I lost that damn thing in a move, but would love to hear the version with the LYRIX, does anyone know where it is recorded?

7 09 2009

i dont know where it was, but can upload the one with lyrics by lightnin rod.
i love the douglas label though. are u from nyc? i know one other person that knows him, he used to have a record store in park slope…

6 09 2009

Go for it!

25 05 2009
the other scott anderson

gigs are f’in great. The Bitter Diviner: jameson whiskey rocks, splash of ginger, 4 shakes of quality bitters.

the vocal on the orig track is a story like we just dont get no more, but the track shines as is. f’em, wait for the request. hope the family is well mr A!

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