Gigs alert, including a one-night only Galaxie secret spot reunion!!!!

26 08 2009


There was a place called Galaxie, at the far end of the Brooklyn star system, where you could bowl AND dance AND smoke and the bouncer would laugh
at your jokes and not kick you out at 4am. The drinks were cheap and fun was around every corner.

Unfortunately we had to leave that milky way behind, due to an imminent cosmic blast that would have wiped us all out…

But, like in any good Sci-Fi scenario, there is a sequel, and that is happening Saturday. One night only, the whole crew gets back together at a different
place (an awesome spot nonetheless, in the Greenpoint constellation). We can have those moments again, and then we’ll go on our way to find an other livable planet.

Come wild’ out and dance with us to the music of

TBD (Doug Lee + Justin V)
Populette (Max Pask + The Wiz)
Chris Sinister (Galaxie founder/resident/half man half superman)
Spiritbear (spiritual guide, druid, bearded)

RSVP to for location


Fri night at the Gutter in W’Burg!

yes, i know there is a new place to bowl in BK, but, that place does not have Spiritbear on Fri night! (in addition to having cute bartenders, retro vibrations, and killer beers on tap) come get down for the get down.

alsoooooo again, stay tuned for the superspirit record release party. it’s my family band. you can check more info on that, here