24 10 2009


NEWS ALERT, our man to the north, Christ Sinister, has made a new mix, and it is bangin’!!!!!

He is my favorite dj right now, always the right blend of groovy, obscure, pop, and all around heavy stuff. to top it all off, it is also deftly mixed, real smooth.

this has been on heavy rotation since he laced us with a copy. Don’t sleep on this!!! Download and start the saturday night party!

CHRIST SINISTER – resonant energy spell

also collage above, was done by mrs. sinister, and i dig it, heavily.

some exciting acid test news. acid test dj’s are starting a new residency at Lucky Cheng’s in the East Village on Friday’s beginning Fri the 13th!!!

all your favorite characters will be guesting with rotating lineups, and we will definitely bring back Bus Station John, we had an awesome time with him.

more on that to follow soon.



One response

24 10 2009

1. hugh masekela – endgames
2. ssion -clown
3. white light circus – rocket ride
4. falco – der kommissar
5. white light circus – break the circuit
6. the oscillation – head hang low (kelpe version)
7. the emperor machine – you clapper
8. the andrew allsgood experience – he travels far
9. the emperor machine – lift up chong and see
10. the human league – (keep feeling) fascination-improv
11. pet shop boys – opportunities (let’s make lots of $ remix)
12. lisa lisa & cult jam w/ full force – wonder if i take you home (extended)
13. bumrocks el bum – track unknown
14. justice – dvno (la riot remix)
15. elefant – ‘bokkie’
16. and the lefthanded – rocket rock
17. gang of four – damaged goods

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