Gringo Scarr – 2002

The year is 2002, season is autumn. my first year in new york. living in long island city queens. 9/11 is still fresh in everyone’s mind. also this was the time of the great east coast blackout. new york was an exciting place to be. new opportunities, new friends, new ladies, maybe new love. i probably made this mix for a girl. a new label started to surface about this time it was called dfa, and people were all buzzing about this punk disco sound. on this mix is a lot of that stuff sounding as fresh as ever. hard to believe that was six years ago. we were doing touch it parties at plant bar. that’s where me and the force first crossed paths. everyone was celebrating freedom and this was the year i released my first record on my own label called knowmatic. i’ll try to post that single up at a later time. enjoy!


DJ Spiritbear – Acid Test Live

this trip to wonderland goes from hard disco bangers and soul, to marching band madness and hot heavies, wrapping up with some fave mellow groovers to end the night.


Bruce Force – Acid Test Vol 3 – World Heat

Putting up the third installment of the ACID TEST mix focusing in on psychedelia from around the world in the 60’s and 70’s. Hungary, Turkey, India, France, Thailand, Holland, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Nigeria among others represented here. Sit back, put on some tea, and let your mind unwind.

Remember…..Stretch out before you freak out, and have some curry, when you eat out!


Bruce Force – New Age New Year

Speaking of stretching out… here is a decade old mix that is perfect for getting into the nude, lighting a few candles, burning sage, and doing yoga with your partner, right before/during hour long tantric sex…

The healing tones reverberate throughout. Funny enough, this softer than soft mix is definitely one of those that never go away, people still tell me how much they like it. this was during a period in SF, where i was so into soft psych, AM gold, and the easy, that i had some dude, who was also into it, try and out soft me, which he eventually did by throwing on a Kenny G album, and then proceeded to rail lines off the cover. he won.

but i had better taste and record collection, and it led to one of the more infamous parties i have ever played, which was a soft rock party thrown by the brooklyn all star ladies in the basement of the old Tonic in NY. Legendary! will post pics if i egt to scanning them in.

Anyways, the New Age in the title is not a misnomer. Warning, intense healing vibes, and sitar playing inside! Enjoy!


Marcos – Live from The Return (2000)

so a few years back i discovered this little nugget on a dat tape. i have a ton of dats with a lot of crazy mixes still needing to be uploaded. its probably from 1999 0r 2000. the other scott anderson(fla) took it and threw onto cd for me. his wife is a big time junglist. 100 percent live with no edits. a little slice of history. recorded at a party called “the return” in buffalo, ny. the party was off the hook and a lot of fun. got to thank mike marshall for those gigs back when i used to rock drum and bass sets. the emcee is a cuban kid named desi who went by the call sign of braka d. i listened to this years after the fact and it made me smile. there is an energy and an urgency that i haven’t felt in a long time. not for the faint of heart. so rewind selector, and get ready to rinse it out!

4 responses

29 10 2009
Ange l l : l l

I dig your funky rock & soul mixes. How do I down load your mixes?

29 10 2009

hi there, just click on the links, which will take you to the post, click on the link again, and it will take you to divshare, where you can download the original.

29 10 2009
Ange l l : l l

Thanks Cat,, How do i find mixes by Marcos Udagawa? I think that’s the Cats name

7 11 2009

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