Christ Sinister Mix 2009

1 07 2009

Marat-sade 02

Here is a frickin awesome mix from our good friend, underground club owner, and mind warrior, Mr. Ass, aka Christ Sinister. Udagawa and Christ Sinister were part of Buffalo’s very own Knowmatic Sound System, throwing parties and raves, throughout the 90’s.

This is a perfect, building mix for the summer, with a ton of 80’s tracks, edits, plus future bangers, all mixed together, real smooth like. We love it! and we think you will too.

DOWNLOAD HERE>> Christ Sinister – 2009

Michael Jackson RIP – Remember the Time ????

25 06 2009


Wow. There goes a talented dude. Michael Jackson still to this day slays dancefloors all over the world. i will tip a cup to him indeed.

a favorite early Jackson Five tune here. sad when you think about all the sh*t he went through as kid, trying to please his dad. any way lets celebrate his life. you can be assured to hear a Michael Jackson retrospective at midnight tomorrow at the Gutter.

Here’s two, one real early and one late. Safe travels buddy.

Jackson Five – Big Boy


Michael Jackson – Remember the Time (Acid Test Dj’s Remix)

Spiritbear’s Michael Jackson retrospective at the Gutter Friday night!!!

25 06 2009


Wow, first off thanks to Ian Saint Laurent for a banging time in Philly. We laid waste to the 700 Club dancefloor, it was packed all night long. please do check out his latest excellent edits here

on to the weekend, back again, at my favorite bowling alley/ drinking hall!!!

Friday the 26th, at 10PM – til close!

200 N 14 St, Brooklyn, NY 1121

Spiritbear unleashes pure summertime fire rock and soul on rowdy bowlers and drinkers.

Expect Foghat, Lee Fields, Led Zep, Cymande, Alice Cooper, Daptone soul, and AM Gold out the wazoo…  Michael Jackson Jackson retrospective.

come down for a few frames, or for the beer, women/men, and song! or to tip a cup to Michael. we can ride the boogie together.

Set it off with guitarist George Freeman’s dancefloor classic, below.

George Freeman – The Bump

Spiritbear DJing Saturday Night in Philly!!!

11 06 2009

djing in philadelphia way on Saturday night June 13th at the 700 Club, with old friend, and a killer dj, Ian Saint Laurent !!

check his floor-filler Amanda Blank remix here

get over here for some extreme good times, we havent djed together in years, and this will be a balls-out, shirts off party. dont expect anything but a crowded dancefloor, and good vibrations all night long! i can smell it already..

Bark at the Moon!!!!

700 Club

700 N. 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123

Back Door Man!!!!

8 06 2009


you know this one, written by Willie Dixon for Howlin Wolf, and the “backside” to his single Wang Dang Doodle (sounds extremely homoerotic, doesn’t it?) 

it is a bonafide classic, and covered here by a British group, the Muleskinners, in ’65. the original is killer, but this one stomps! Ian McLagan was in this group prior to joining the Small Faces.

Back Door Man – Muleskinners

new acid test dj’s mix up on the fully fitted blog!

4 06 2009


go and check out our latest joint mix, For Your Mental at FullyFitted

Thanks to Mr Devlin for asking. Hope the tour is going well!

the funkiest Jimi Hendrix

23 05 2009


since the most visited post on this site is the jimi hendrix and mighty mi post, i figured i would put another hendrix song on here. i guess people are still incredibly fascinated by the legacy of this young man. i wonder if he would still be as relevant today, if he had not burned so bright when he was here with us. for me, i like the early psychedelic-blues albums rather than the disjointed, (to me), fusion-blues jams that came later with the gypsies.

but here is an exception. the story goes that in 1969 the Last Poets were recording nearby when Hendrix and Buddy Miles were recording and an improptu jam ensued with Lightnin’ Rod taking a turn on the mic for the poem, doriella du fontaine. this is the shorter instrumental version here, but i think we can safely say that this is hendrix at his funkiest, and definitely proto-hip hop, albeit unreleased until 1993,  after hip hop was born.

Jimi Hendrix, Lightnin’ Rod, Buddy Miles – Doriella du Fontaine (Instrumental version)

Dakotas – Spider and the Fly (Soundhog Edit)

2 05 2009


this has been a fave when we do our old timey rock and psych Acid Test parties. 60’s rock banger!

Dakotas – Spider and the Fly (Soundhog Edit)

soundhog news found here

Sitar Psych and David Axelrod

29 04 2009


some mellow faves here, sit back relax, light the incense, assume the position (lotus), close eyes, set speed to outer space travel, and float away.

here is a little known heady sitar jam.


and an mind-blowing axelrod joint that is reminiscent of a pink floyd tune. featuring howard roberts on guitar. this was partly from some 60’s concept album sessions, and then revived in ’99 and released in 2001. it is named in tribute to dj shadow, after shadow’s sampling of him put him back on the map. blast off.


Tonight – April 10th at The Gutter!!!!

10 04 2009


Come surf on over to catch Spiritbear for a return engagement at the Gutter!!! the retro bowling we all love.

you can catch some of the alley in this flight of the conchords video

those guys would come through after they were shooting a couple times last year, on those hot summer fridays with the acid test!

Friday 10-4AM

The Gutter