Diana Ross Upside Down (Acid Test DJ’s Remix) !!!!!!

29 08 2008

Vocodered-up Diana Ross remix banger. Let me know if you think its hot.

Check out Udagawa at The Gutter tonight, he has killer free Acid Test T-Shirts!!!!

I’ll see you there next week, with some bangers from a new stack of 150 records or so. Hang loose.

and remember….I’m Crazy

Diana Ross – Crazy Upside (Acid Test DJ’s Remix)


24 08 2008

Sorry about the lack of posts, was on vacation!

here is a blue eyed soul scorcher, loved by northen soulies, and modern (moder) soulers

will be updating at the regular pace, a few a week from now on.

Cuz It’s You Girl – James Walsh Gypsy Band


1 08 2008

rock and bowl tonight with Spiritbear and Udagawa and the Coach.

we gonna have a real good time!

200 N 14th in Brooklyn