Secret CCR Vocoder Weapon! Suzie-Q Disco cover!

30 04 2008

This bad boy, deep from the stacks, is my secret Vocoder CCR weapon, Creedence Clearwater Revival for the uninitiated. Suzie Q, one of my favorite, and probably most people’s favorite Creedence tune, covered here by Easy Going.

Amazingly enough, this is a later record by Claudio Simonetti who was in GOBLIN, current Balearic favorite, and Dario Argento fave, who really deserve their own post. Not to fear. Goblin will get here.

Italo B-Side to Baby. I Love You, this got 12″ mixed by latin heavyweight Harvey Averne, who incidentally was not Latino at all.

This caught on in NYC clubs, and got re-released by Prism in the US 1979 with this mix.


p.s. One of my fave Latin-Rock records is this Harvey Averne Barrio Band. Got mines from Groove Merchant a decade ago! Thanks Chris! Girl From the Mountain fits with my soft latin pop soul needs.

Rock and Other Four Letter Words

27 04 2008

well, unfortunately after ripping this from the vinyl yesterday, i see that this has been posted in a few other places too, mutant sounds and WFMU’s site. but oh well, we try and bring you stuff that is isn’t out there in droves, and i think this still fits the bill even though it has been covered by two great sites.

I feel that these are the standout tracks for us in this freak-out from ’68. audio collage, satire, politics, choruses, and fuzz all make into this mash-up trip out.

J Marks and Shipen Lebzelter created this in era of free experimentation, an era when Cage and Stockhausen were part of the public consciousness, as well as Hendrix, Hair, and psychedelia. Lebzelter later went on to form a psychedelic Christian consciousness community in NYC called the Trees Community in the 70’s and put out a few more records. It also reminds of records like White Noise, and other studio collage rock, although the choral groups gives it a bit of that Hair feel too.

It was put out at the same time as a an essay book called Rock and Other Four Letter Words: Music of the Electric Generation with photos by Linda Eastman, who became shortly after that, Linda McCartney of Wings fame.

without further ado,

J Marks and Shipen Lebzelter – Trouble

J Marks and Shipen Lebzelter – It’s True

Folk/Psych from the UK, Andrew Leigh – Magician

27 04 2008

Here is some nice heavy folk/psych rock from a record i got in brooklyn (secret spot) and forgot at the record store! dang it, went back and they were holding it for me! kudos!

I believe yesterday was record store day. i hope you all supported! i bought records, but on the street…

anyways, this is a fairly rare record, not as hen’s teeth, but doesn’t turn up often. sold horribly upon its release. has members of Blossom Toes and the Action backing him, as well as Gordon Jackson on sitar on this track.

from 1970 on Polydor, here is Andrew Leigh – Magician


UPDATE: from Michael Bullen! Thanks Michael!

Andrew Leigh was bass player and sung harmonies with Matthews Southern Comfort, Iain Matthews’ band. Leigh appeared on the two ‘band’ albums, ‘Second Spring’ and ‘Later That Same Year’. After Matthews left the band, they continued as Southern Comfort, producing three albums. The first of these, ‘Frog City’, has a version of Leigh’s ‘The Leaving Song’. Frog City is the nearest album to ‘Magician’ in style. ‘Frog City’ also contains my favorite Leigh son, ‘The Passing’ (it’s not available on CD unfortunately, to my knowledge).

DJ MARCOS on tour!

24 04 2008

you can catch him tonight in vegas at the REVOLUTION lounge at the Mirage, which is a cool place, run by the “other” scott anderson (who is awesome, tell him scott anderson sent ya!)


April, 24 2008 at “This is New York” with special guest DJ Marcos Udagawa
las vegas blvd, las vegas, Nevada 89109
“This is New York” Spring edition with guest DJ Marcos Udagawa (Acid Test DJs/Macri Park/Knowmatictribe Soundsystem/Rose Bar at Gramercy Park Hotel/NYC), with resident DJ Robert Oleysyck

and on Friday in San Francisco at 111 Minna! Flyer below!

We’re for Pleasure

24 04 2008

a track from the infamous Glimmers under the moniker of Dirty Minds

check out this great dubby, beardo disco track off the I’m for Pleasure 12″ from these belgian producer/dj legends of the last few years. i usually play the vocal, but rediscovered this minimal but great guitar disco. this probably 4 years old but still sounds good.

Dirty Minds – I’m For Pleasure (lo-fi House Quake)

buy it here

FRIDAY NIGHT – and the feeling’s right!

17 04 2008

come down and see us, the backyard will be open, and beer and blood will spill!

Jacques Dutronc – French Legend!

17 04 2008

Probably the coolest french dude ever, (although gainsbourg is pretty hot too) made some killer french pop of the day, replete with fuzz french guitars, all cooling out like some crazed cross between chanson and freakbeat, owww

he even married Francoise Hardy

Here are two of his sixties freakbeat classics, one OG and one recent remix by the amazing Ursula 1000

He is one of my faves, also check Hippie Hippie Hourah, Les Playboys, J’Aime les Filles, etc he has a lot of good ones, gallic ones. These are definitely two that still light up mod dancefloors all over the world. Careful, the Ursula 1000 one gets serious.

Le Responsable – Jacques Dutronc

Les Cactus – Jacques Dutronc (Ursula 1000 edit)

We Love Acid! Nervous Acid!

16 04 2008

Here at Acid Test HQ, we often speak of this track as one of the stand-out acid tracks of the late 80’s, if not our favorite one. (sorry Voodoo Ray)

Bobby Konders, who is now more famous for his contributions to reggae and dancehall here in Brooklyn, pumped out this jam and released it on Nu Groove along with the Poem. Peter Daou later of commercial-deep-house-producer fame appears on this too.

DJ Buck one of my faves from back in the day (early 90’s SF!) has done a rework out on DJ Spun’s great Rong label, i believe it is on the imprint Tu-Rong, you can buy here

Bobby (reggae legend!) below.

peep more about what bobby is up to here

listen to the 303 monster classic below

Bobby Konders – Nervous Acid


13 04 2008

This groovy grimy slinker is no joke, that compressed fuzz sound is just amazing….
not sure if i would ever play this one out. but i feel it at home.


The Fuzz Box – Sidewalk Voodoo

Spring has Sprung and We Love to Love!

12 04 2008


Can you feel it? Well nothing can save ya, cause this is the season for catching the vapors!


I love Willie Hutch, and i am not afraid to say it.

Since i first clasped one of his albums in my hands 15 years ago, and then heard that sweet, sweet voice, and some nice guitar work, i thought he was the second coming since Curtis Mayfield.
He may very well have been. alas he left us a few years ago.

He has some great albums in addition to soundtracks to some of the most famous blaxploitation films under his belt, Foxy Brown and The Mack.

This is an earlier one than his more famous wah-wah period, and is a certified Northern Soul happy classic.

Thanks all for your support of our blog and djing, we feel lucky to be loved by you, and we hope you feel lucky too!!!

Willie Hutch – Lucky to Be Loved By You