ACID TEST DJ’s are two talented, long-time dj’s who have beyond believable collections, and skill and flair to match.

The ACID TEST explosion has lasted for 4 devilishly long years and features exclusive edits and blends of Classic Rock, Psych, Spacey Disco, Blues, Soul, and Electro, like no other night you have witnessed. These industry veterans with a collective 25 years of djing under their belts, know how and when to turn up the heat. They have deep collections, and mix unearthed gems with bangers from the future.

Come see what the Times Style section referred to as “……a collection of drunks, sassy lasses, and mischievous boys. Sophisticated ladies meets powerful beards. A wild night indeed!”

SERPICO, other wise known as Gringo Scarr or Marcos Udugawa, half Spanish and half Japanese has called NYC nightlife home for the past 5 years. He spins records for a living at some of the hottest clubs NYC has seen in recent years. He has held down Hiro Ballroom on Friday nights, Gramercy Hotel on Saturdays, for years, and numerous other notable and notorious events.
He is a consummate professional that will never let a crowd down. It is a performance as much as it is a craft, that he has perfected.

BRUCE FORCE, also known as the Grizz, SpiritBear, or Scott Fonda, has been rocking tables from coast to coast for well over a decade, inspiring the masses using simple methods. Play the best music ever made, with style, and people have resoundingly responded, “Yes!”
Starting djing in San Francisco during the heyday of the 90’s, to wizard dj for rap act, Lords of the Rhymes, to regular critical NYC nights at the Plant Bar, Tonic, Galaxie, and the infamous Acid Test, Bruce has hit it and will never quit it. A disco lover by trade, he stitches it all together with classic rock and Miami bass for when the dancefloors hit. Check out his new family band, Superspirit!

Get in touch with us at acidtestdjs <at> gmail.com

6 responses

20 01 2008

Yes!!!!! I will bookmark ” ACID TEST DJ’S” as my one favorite electronic music blog!!!! My beard is long and thick.

11 03 2008

Serpico! Post makn’ me money! It’s killing me to have to hum the damb thing while I should be banging it out of the rambler! I’ll give your beard a ride any where it wants to go! Hope to see that up!

4 04 2008

Fractal on my niggaz.

18 06 2008

hell yes!

7 08 2008


28 11 2008


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