ohh nooo, John Martyn R.I.P.

29 01 2009


my favorite UK folker has died    article here…….

big influence on me, with his awesome open tunings, and later in his career, rampant use of echoplex.

i love even his stuff with his ex-wife Beverley. if you don’t know him, get acquainted.

this is definitely the song he is probably best known for, good for last calls at pubs full of the local lushes…or a cup of tea by a crackling fire with a hot toddy next to your lady..

John Martyn – May You Never


and another one, Go Easy from the awesome and beautiful Bless the Weather album.

Life, go easy on me,

love, don’t pass me by. 

John Martyn – Go Easy

This could go on forever, because i love so many songs..as i get deeper into a bottle of wine and the warm hisses of his records play through, the deeper cuts, cut even deeper…


John Martyn – Stormbringer

We saw him recently. He was playing a gig in NYC, but was really here to pick up a new prosthetic leg. still had an amazing sense of humor, and still had wonderful songs to give. he was playing with his old drinking buddy and stand up bassist Danny Thompson.

Good bye John!


ADDED check out this killer later track from Robots In Heat


28 01 2009


we got an absolute burner on Friday at our new favorite spot to play, the Trophy Bar

Tim Love Lee, infamous of the Tummytouch, and general beardery and mischief. AND

Mr Ass, of Knowmatic, Ridgewood’s brief but awesome Galaxie underground spot, and all around bad-ass dude.

and spiritbear and udagawa, your favorites.

Ladies, there will be so much beard in the house, you might just lose it, right there on the dancecfloor. We will be tearing it up on the decks and the dancefloor!!!


+++++++++++++++++++++++++++Bonus party CANCELLED

also last minute express, spiritbear and udagawa at savalas, james’ joint, with our fave bartender, jesse! expect great pride, she’s a lady, and other acid test favorites from days gone by, and future parties we are sure to have.

Thursday, Jan 29th at Savalas

Eddie Kendricks Steppin’ Classic, Body Talk

24 01 2009


body by birkin, cool by gainsbourg, and music by kendricks

eddie kendricks from the temptations, here is a chicago stepper’s delight, body talk, with a quick and dirty edit by Spiritbear.

Eddie Kendricks – Body Talk (Spiritbear Re-Paw)

Spiritbear’s Nazareth Edit

13 01 2009


Here’s an oldie but goodie, this was done almost 3 years ago ( where the eff does the time go ?) and has heard play around town. its sloppy but still tasty!!!

Nazareth – Hair of the Dog ( Spiritbear’s Pawed-It )

stay tuned for some super secret cosmic family stuff soon.

and come out next Tuesday for Obama’s inauguration celebration, and a birthday jam for me and Tim Love Lee at APT!!!!!!



7 01 2009



Let us know how you feeeeel!

also stay tuned for special b-day/inauguration edition acid test on the 20th at APT!!!!!

and check out my man, scott bliss’s new philip glassy, balearo anthem, The String Pusher, here at LOUDMANQUIETMAN