28 06 2008

Get happy, get sun, get soul.

Sunlovers – You’ll Never Make the Grade

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27 06 2008

I don’ t know how many times i have used this song on mixtapes or radio shows over the years, but it continues to be a favorite weird 60’s mover-groover. Kind of a Dylan spoof here, they got to number 12 in the country in Sept 67, only to break up the following year, when their follow up Am I High (Boy Am I High), failed to achieve similar success. The musicians did have previous success, as well as after, including playing with Jerry Lee Lewis.

don’t worry about a thing, just let it all hang out!

The Hombres – Let it Out (Let it All Hang Out)


27 06 2008

Udagawa holding it down! Tear it up with him on Friday Night!

Ragga Twins!

25 06 2008

Ragga Twins are Flinty Badman and Deman Rocker. Both were respected MC’s starting of in a North London sound system called UNITY and formed the Ragga twins in early 1990. Their first single Hooligan 69/Ragga Twins on Shut Up and Dance broke into the top 60 of the national chart.

this is from the B-side of the Wipe the Needle single.

Rough and Ragga!

Juggling – Ragga Twins

Exclusive Acid Test DJ’s Michael Jackson Remix

19 06 2008

a little something whipped up for the gig last week… hope you enjoy!

Michael Jackson – Remember the Time (Acid Test DJ’s Remix)

DJ Marcos Udagawa in Buffalo with 3PO!

18 06 2008

Expect the ruckus, from Buffalo’s most notorious, veteran dj’s and promoters.

saturday june 21st, 2008
it’s the summer solstice!

Wish 3PO well before he leaves for the big town!

You are the Resurrection!

16 06 2008

spiritbear had a killer time at a wedding this past weekend… from the great people, great setting, to the great music we danced to, it was all a fitting tribute to the great people getting married. congrats sam and laura!

here is an unrelated track, but a good happy come-down track from Manchester’s infamous Stone Roses.

The Stone Roses – I am the Resurrection (Jon Carter remix)

Gil Scott Heron – Don’t Do Crack!

10 06 2008

Gil Scott Heron, one of the greatest living urban poets, has made music that has and continues to inspire me, ever since first hearing him. Pieces of a Man was the most i had paid for a record for a long time, in my first 5 years of record collecting, ($40 i think). it is one of my desert island albums, i can listen to it over and over again.

so, please don’t go down that road any more, you are too important to our cultural fabric! Don’t do crack, and for you kids at home, same goes for you!

From the Secrets record with Brian Jackson:

Gil Scott Heron and Brian Jackson – Madison Avenue

The Brown Acid… is not particularly too good… But this track is!

10 06 2008

This Hip Hop Dub mix of Volatile twists a blurred set of drug-related sampled voices over strangely funky horns and dubbed-up percussion. From the Bill Graham Woodstock sample, to the same “we have explosives” that future sound of london used, this runs over some familiar territory, but is still a good old banger.

From Hangman Records from 91, here is

Delta 12 – Volatile ( Hip Hop Dub )

the Mighty Renegade Soundwave

5 06 2008

formed in 1986, RSW were true innovators of the new sound that would rule the nineties. mixing industrial, electronic, and most importantly dub to produce what would be the blueprint for breaks and drum and bass. the chemical brothers named RSW as one of their biggest influences. back in the early nineties, we threw parties in buffalo under the name Knowmatic Tribe Soundsystem and these tunes got dropped relentlessly. “the phantom”,released in 1989 as a b-side, is brilliant for those hyped up outdoor events. good for when the sun is going down and the party is ready to be kicked up. “ozone breakdown” has a great sample from the classic movie “the Warriors”. Probably the best part of the movie is the female dj sending out the shout outs to the gangs of new york. i still get nostalgic whenever i hear these tunes and remember many a good time to these tunes. “good news boppers the big alert has been called off….” enjoy!

Renegade Soundwave – Ozone Breakdown

Renegade Soundwave – The Phantom